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The Senior Experience

It all starts with submitting the form below!  Once you've submitted the form, we'll take the next step together by setting up a consultation. This is where the magic happens! During our one-on-one conversation, I want to get to know you on a deeper level. What makes you tick? What are your passions, dreams, and the essence of your personality? This isn't just about capturing your image; it's about creating an experience that resonates with who you are. 

Together, we'll craft a session that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that every click of the camera captures the authentic you. Your senior photos should be a reflection of your journey, your achievements, and the wonderful individual you've become. I'm here to make sure every moment is tailored to you, making this session not just about pictures but about memories that will last a lifetime.

All senior sessions fees are $200 with a commitment to purchase a senior portrait package.  Packages start at $400.  The non refundable session fee is due at the time of booking to secure your photo date.  

What Do I Wear?

Wear the outfits that are totally you!  Pick a few items that you love and build on that.  Select pieces with various necklines and different colors from formal to casual.  Having a good variety is key.  And don't forget to accessorize!  Bring the hat, the sunglasses, the necklace, the watch or scarfs.  Don't be shy!  I am here to help, if you are stuck, facetime me and we will find outfits that you love!

What happens on the day of my session?

We've got all the logistics sorted out—the time, the meeting location, and the perfect outfit to kick things off. No need to stress; this day is all about you, and it's going to be a blast!   As you step into the frame, remember that the camera is just there to capture the incredible person you are.


Our session is designed to be fun and relaxed, with the goal of making you feel at ease. You won't even realize you're in front of the camera—I promise!

Think of this as a day to celebrate your achievements, your uniqueness, and the exciting journey you're about to embark on. Whether we're capturing your beaming smile, your passion for something you love, or just those candid moments in between, every shot is a piece of your story.  So, get ready to shine, have some fun, and let the camera do its thing. It's your time to shine, and I'm here to make sure every moment is as enjoyable as the next.

When will I get to see my photos?

The excitement doesn't end with the photo session! I can't wait to share a sneak peek of the incredible moments we captured. Within 48 hours, I'll be posting three fabulous images on Facebook that give a glimpse into the magic of your senior photos.

But that's not all—within 72 hours, there'll be a captivating reel on Instagram showcasing some of the highlights. Make sure you're following my pages so you don't miss out on the first look at these unforgettable moments.

And here's where you come in—don't be shy about sharing these sneak peeks with your family and friends. Your story deserves to be celebrated, and I'm sure your loved ones will be just as thrilled as we are with the stunning results.

As a little extra incentive, I adore referrals! If our session sparks a conversation or inspires someone you know to capture their own memories, you will receive a surprise gift our ordering session.

How do I get my photos?

Now that we've wrapped up an amazing senior photo session, it's time to talk about the exciting part—getting your hands on those fantastic photos! To acquire your personalized collection, we'll be placing an order tailored to your preferences.

Our options are as diverse as your memories—prints, albums, or striking wall portraits are just a few of the possibilities. Some packages include those cherished digital files, while others focus on tangible, touchable keepsakes. The choice is entirely yours!

Once you've decided on the perfect combination, we'll process the order. As soon as it's paid in full, I'll take care of the rest. I will hand deliver your personalized photo treasures to your front door, ready to adorn your space with memories captured in every frame.

I'm committed to ensuring this part of the process is seamless and exciting for you. So, get ready to relive the magic of our session every time you glance at your chosen prints, flip through the pages of your album, or admire the wall portraits for years to come.

Added Bonus

Girls -Complementary professional hair and make-up appointment is included prior to your session. You will look and feel fabulous after your appointment with All Dolled Up Makeup Designs

Boys - Complementary family photo can be taken at the beginning of your session or at the end.  

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