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Embracing the Digital Age: Reconnecting through Pixels and Stories

After a considerable pause from the world of blogging, I'm excited to dust off the digital cobwebs and welcome you back into the heart of Your Story Images. I'm Michelle Groom, your storyteller through the lens, and it feels like I'm reconnecting with dear friends after a long journey.

Embracing Imperfections: A Candid Confession

Let's be real for a moment – blogging has been a bit of a struggle for me. The allure of a blank page often felt like a daunting challenge. However, 2024 marks a turning point, a year to face challenges head-on and share the stories that make Your Story Images a journey worth taking.

Capturing Life's Essence in Des Moines, Iowa

Located in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, Your Story Images has been my creative haven for an incredible 13 years. Specializing in the art of capturing seniors and weddings, my journey as a photographer has been a continuous exploration of the human experience.

The Heartbeat of Your Story Images

Every year, I am privileged to meet remarkable souls, each bringing their unique narrative to the canvas of my work. From the joyous moments of seniors stepping into a new chapter to the timeless love exchanged during weddings – these stories are the heartbeat of Your Story Images.

Joy in Every Frame: Crafting Images That Last a Lifetime

My days find true joy when I'm behind the camera, creating images that not only freeze moments but also tell stories that linger in the heart. Beyond photography, life is enriched by the delightful chaos of helping raise my spirited 4-year-old grandson, Asher.

Join Me on This New Chapter: Your Thoughts Matter

As I step back into the blogging realm, I invite you to join me on this journey. Share your thoughts, your stories, and let's make this space a haven of connection. Leave a comment below, share your experiences, and don't forget to explore the visual tales in my website portfolio.

Here's to New Beginnings and Shared Stories!

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