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Spring Flowers

Waiting for spring to finally arrive in Central Iowa was worth the wait! I have never had the opportunity to photograph seniors in the spring until this year and I was so excited! I was excited for several reasons. Not only was I looking forward to getting the beautiful girls in front of the camera, but I was going to add some spring flower photos to my blog! You see, I have been following several local photographers and I was always drawn to the spring flowers and the eye catching colors!

Courtney was volunteered by her Aunt Tracy to be a "test model" for a middle of the day spring flower photo shoot. She is a senior at Dowling and will be attending Iowa State in the fall. Courtney already had her senior photos taken in the fall with another photographer, but was more than willing to take some more! How could she go wrong? She loves pictures and this time it was free because it was a practice session for me. We met at Water Works Park when the sun was extremely harsh and casting terrible shadows and not flattering. Not to mention the park was full of people out enjoying the sun. We had to get creative not to get others in the photos as well as using lighting techniques to counteract the sun. Well it was time to put all my winter classroom lessons into action. We took several around the park and then headed to the Meredith area hoping the spring blooms had taken over there as well, but we quickly adjusted because there were no flowers. Thank goodness Courtney didn't care. She was just excited to be the the test model for the afternoon. I loved having her in front of the camera and she was a natural. Spring flowers and the beautiful Courtney, successful day in my book.

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