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New Year, New Drive

The new year is about to begin and so are the posts about new year's resolutions. I could join the bandwagon and list the same old thing "I will lose weight," because Lord knows I need to, but I find it hard to find a diet and stick to it.

So that is not going to be the focus of 2021. With this new year, and just turning 50...

THATS RIGHT 50, the big 5-0!!!! However, I do have new sense of drive not only personally, but professionally too. There are so many things I want o accomplish and so many people I want to reconnect with. This year I am going to make these things happen.


1. I am determined to take better care of my skin

2. Eat more leafy greens

3. Stretch daily

4. Set up lunch plans with old friends and

5. Drink more water!

Professionally, the list is long, so I will just list my top 5:

1. Set up a system to allow myself to be more organized

2. Take more classes

3. Network with other local photographers

4. Committed to have an increased presence on social media

5. Consistently shoot videos from behind the scenes.

Good bye 2020 and bring on 2021! I am focused and ready!!!

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