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Lake Ahquabi Engagement Jake & MJ

Updated: May 11, 2018

I met Jake and MJ through my son Dallas. Jake and Dallas are both in the ATO Fraternity House at Simpson College in Indianola, IA. Last spring during Greek Week on campus, Jake pulled off the BEST proposal in history! Well, at least in my opinion the best in history.

You see, MJ, is also in the Greek system and what I am about to share will amaze you! During Greek week at Simpson, the houses get together and plan who is going to participate in a lip sync contest. Well it just so happens that Jake's frat partnered up with MJ's sorority (Tri Delta) to plan out a series of songs that would bring down the house!! They practiced and practiced and Jake had a plan. A plan that MJ had NO IDEA about but the rest of college students in BOTH houses knew exactly what was around the corner.

The day came where the groups were ready to perform. Keep in mind folks, this is also a contest and bragging rights if you win. The auditorium was packed and now it was time for Jake's fraternity and MJ's sorority to rock the house. The song had the audience engaged, the president of the college was singing along and the energy in there was electric! Then the music slowed down and all the eyes were on Jake and MJ. They were lip syncing to Summer Nights from the musical Greese. MJ turned away with her back to Jake and he got down on one knee. She still had no idea!! The crowd was going crazy and she didn't get it. That part of the songs shouldn't warrant that much excitement, she turned around and her hands went to her face is pure shock and disbelief! There he was, the man she loves with all her heart down on knee with a ring asking for her hand in marriage IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE COLLEGE!! How cool is that!

When I was told the story, I had to get to photograph them! There first session of engagement photos was taken at their special place Lake Ahquabi just south of Indianola, IA. It was hot that day and yet they were just about enjoying this experience. Their last session photos were just added. We have been waiting for nicer weather to capture photos where these two met and fell in love. Can't wait for their big day in July!

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